Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nokia C1 01 Theme Corrupted : Solution

Nokia C1 01  is a budget phone released in 2010. It is a basic phone with features like Music Player, Internet Connectivity and equipped with simplest type of camera. This phone is not so popular but it is one of the most used budget phone by Nokia in under developed countries. This phone merely costs more than 50 or 55$ . This mobile phone is durable and work even in bad condition. Since this cell phone is equipped with 2.5G. You can enjoy little slower internet connection than 3G mobiles. Its external memory can be raised upto 32 GB. In short, Nokia C1 01 is a low budget cell phone with VGA camera, music player and internet connection with vast memory capacity such that it can be used as a alternative to mp3 players :D .

Last few days, I was surfing internet and Nokia forum. I found many Nokia C1 01 users were complaining about theme problem in Nokia C1 01. According to them, all other themes which worked on other types of Nokia s40 phones were on working on Nokia C1 01. Whenever they tried to apply themes in Nokia C1 01, it used to give error like "Theme Corrupted" but the same theme was working on all other Nokia phones. Since I had previously used that mobile and knew the fix. I thought of sharing of that trick and here it is.

Software Needed :

Time Needed :
1 Minutes

Difficulty :
Extremely Easy

To apply theme on Nokia C1 01 you don't need any external software. The problem of theme corrupted error in Nokia C1 01 may be because of software error. ( I am not sure of it ! ). So we are going to update the software version of Nokia C1 01. I tried this and that perfectly worked on my phone.

Steps to apply theme on Nokia C1 01

1. Switch on your cell phone and navigate to settings menu in your phone.

2. Go to Phone Software and click on update ( Note : It requires internet connection. You should allow the phone to download the update file. The size is only about 2 or 3 MB )

3. After completing the update. Switch off your phone.

4. Now you can use any of the theme you want.

You can get 100s of theme for Nokia C1 01. Just google for Nokia C1 01 themes again :D

Friday, May 17, 2013

How to create a bootable USB flash drive ? Easiest Method

boot windows 7 from a usb

New and awesome Os are being released in short intervals. After the success of Windows 8, Microsoft is planning to release Windows Blue in near future. You might also want to get updated with the latest release of operating system whether that is of Linux or Windows but the most troublesome work is that when you need to burn lazy DVDs to install and enjoy new and awesome features of latest operating systems. So, Here's a tutorial to create flash drive for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to create partitions in Windows OS without formatting and re-installing new OS ?

create partitions without formatting and re-installing

Hard Drives can be defined as the storage media with high capacity, equipped with read write mechanism. They are the great useful device to store your data and files. Nowadays, the size of hard drives are being increasing day by day. You can generally grab hard drives of more than 1 TB from your nearest market. Hard drive were first introduced by IBM in 1956 and still they are dominant to other types of storage medias. Due to the recent developed of portable hard drive,the use of hard drive is increasing day by day.

Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Increase Battery Lifes on Android Phones and Tablets ?

improve battery power

Android devices have many facilities and flexibility compared to other smart phones. Android is a Linux based operating system for smartphones made by Google. Nowadays, the trend of using android device is increasing day by day. According to the statistics, more than 50 % of the smartphones users use Android OS. Through this data, we can easily find how many people are using Android.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Download YouTube Videos from Android without Apps

YouTube Videos download from android

Android devices are increasing day by day. Nowadays, people prefer Android to iOs while buying a smartphone. Android has a lot of flexibility than any other smartphones Os. If you still want to gain root access to your device, you can try rooting android.  Before rooting,you can see the reasons for rooting your android device.

Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Reasons to Root your Android phone and tablet

Rooting ? Do I need to root my Android phone or tablet ? This is the question which is surely gonna put in confusion. Few days later, I talked about rooting android device if you have not checked that post yet please proceed to that post.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How To : Easy way to root your any android phone and tablet #RootAndroid

Android is the world's most widely used OS in the smartphones. If we look at the different types of smartphones, we will find that more than 50% of the smartphones consists of Android OS. Android is a operating system developed by Google primarily for the touchscreen based smartphones and tablets.
Although there are many features and flexibility in the Android OS, there are still many of the features that need to be used by the Android users. Let's come to the point now.