Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to block websites on a computer without using any software ? Website Blocking on PC [ No Software Needed ]

Internet has spreaded worldwide . Nowadays, almost everybody is connected to Internet. Although Internet has several advantages, in some cases it has been curse for human life. Due to the origination of social networking sites, many people are being addicted to them. We can find many examples of peoples leaving their jobs and works just for social networking sites. To overcome this disaster, there are several tricks found on internet to stop addiction of social networking sites.

Now learn trick to block Facebook on computer without using any softwares
You can even block twitter and even several other sites you want to block. For this trick we need to edit the hosts file in our computer system. This works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and even Windows 8.

This trick is mainly used by universities and schools to block Facebook, Twitter and other sites on their school or universities computer. So, you can even Unblock the websites on schools computer with this trick .
To block websites on a computer without using any software , follow the steps given below :
  1. Go to run command by pressing Windows Key + R 
  2. Go to the host file of your computer.
block websites no software
It's usually like :

     3.   Hit enter and you will see a notepad document showing some sorts of infromation.
     4.   Go to the last line of the file and add a new line after that.  Like,

  [any website you want to block]
For example :
If you want to block then the line given below :

      5. Save the file and Now you are done. You can try in your browser , the site you added is not opening.

Enabling the blocked sites
If you want you access to the blocked sites , just remove the lines you added in above steps. Then you
 can easily access those sites.

From the Editorial desk :
Although there are several methods to disable this tricks. You can use this tricks on the people with less knowledge of computer and intenet technology . I used this trick on my younger brother to disable Facebook and reduce his Facebook addiction Enjoy !