Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to update Facebook status via any Device | Update your status from iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Mac Book, Android and devices you don't own

fb status iPhone 6
Facebook Status from any device

Learn how to update face book status via any devices like i phone, i pad, mac book, blueberry, etc without owning them.

I don't own a iPhone 5 but you can see my status in the picture that I have updated my status from iPhone 5. You might have also noticed that your friends or some other have updated their status from different devices without having them.

When someone update their status, photos from any devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, Android, and other devices Face book automatically add the " via device" under the status leaving a nice impression to Face Book friends. Although there is a lots of time for coming April Fool. Let's play this prank on your friends.

Steps for updating your status from iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, Android and other several devices

1. Choose the device from which you want to update your status

2. Click on the link given below according to your choice. If you clicked on iPhone 5 you will see like the picture given below :

FB Status Tricks

3. Type your status in field and click on share.

4. You are done ! Enjoy this prank .

Here are the links for updating facebook status from different devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, Android

1. Update Facebook status via iPhone 5

2. Update Facebook status via iPad 3

3. Update Facebook status via Black Berry

4. Update Facebook status via Mac Book Pro

5. Update Facebook status via Sony Xperia 8

List will be soon updated with more devices. Keep visiting and comment us below to let us know about what device did you choose for updating your status.