Saturday, March 30, 2013

GameKlip, Device for boosting Android and PS3 Gaming Experience

GameKlip connect PS3 controller and Android phone

We receive the best solution to connect the PS3 controller and Android smart phone.

Gaming on the Android phones is becoming increasingly important element of many users. As the hardware in smart phones ever closer to computers and game consoles, games are all of high quality and technically perfect. But one of the great weakness of gaming on phones is a system of controls. All the "hard-core gamers" will probably agree that the management of games using the built-in buttons on the phone and touching the touch screen a necessary evil that can provide the easiest playing, but for real gaming is necessary to have a "purebred" controller.

So often there are solutions from "home of innovators" that allow the connection of phones and controllers for the PS3 or Xbox 360, but on the market so far there were no adapters that you might buy in the shops and turn your Android phone into a mini gaming console such as for example PSP.
GameKlip company has offered low-cost solution with its eponymous adapter that will allow you to easily connect Android phone (currently only models Samsung Galaxy SIII, SII Galaxy, Galaxy Nexus, notes Galaxy, HTC and HTC X One Here 4G/LTE).

GameKlip adapter allows you to connect your Android phone with the PS3 controller and that he also serves as a handle, with its help you can fully concentrate on playing the most demanding titles, such as say GTA III.

GameKlip is selling in two versions, wireless (15 dollars), for which you have to root your cell phone and a USB version with the wire (23 dollars), which will allow you to connect with any supported phone.

                                             Here is a video about GameKlip :

GameKlip can be ordered from any country through their websites which is http://www.[thegameklip].com