Saturday, March 30, 2013

[How To] Tips and tricks to keep hackers away from your PC | Top 5 Tips and Tricks

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Hackers are an extremely dangerous species, in every sense of the term. They can find even a microscopic inkling or a gap in your computer’s security and make it seem like a cavernous hole that is large enough to let an army of computer and Internet monitoring software pass without any problem at all. You need to be wary of the hackers’ maneuvers – which could be your boss as well, vying to monitor your PC – and here are the topmost things that you need to keep in mind, as you endeavor to perk up your defense.

1. Decent Anti-Virus Is Worth Gold
Getting decent anti-virus software could save you from most things that an average Joe hacker can summon – provided of course you ensure that it is regularly updated. It is your first line of defense and getting one of the topmost anti-virus software – like AVG, Norton, McAfee or Sop hos – can ensure that any spy ware that comes with the intention of computer and Internet monitoring is bounced back to where it came from. A regularly updated anti-virus nips the evil in the bid on the first sight, so to speak.

2.Firewall: A Simmering Wall, Hot Enough to Burn Internet Mal ware
You see most hackers trespass into your system via the Internet. Even your boss you has downloaded employee monitoring software has his eyes on monitoring your Internet activities more so than anything else. And hence, Firewall is extremely pivotal since it keeps an eye on malware that trace their origin to the World Wide Web.
Firewalls, like most things in life, are available in different qualities. With varying qualities come varying effectiveness and hence, you need to ensure that you construct the most solid wall around your data home, to protect your privacy and ensure your safety. FREE Zone Alarm is one name that has gotten our attention, and hence is highly recommended. You could get more details from their website, which would give you sufficient proof of its user friendliness and effectiveness.

3.Anti-Spy ware Application is a Major Turnoff for Hackers
Hackers plot and they plan, and so does a decent anti-spy ware application. And if the latter is good enough, it could forestall any moves that the former has on their drawing board. This application helps you track hidden malware in your PC and find out and eradicate their menace accordingly. One of the best anti-spy ware apps is Spy bot – Search & Destroy. And if you were to play Metallica’s Seek and Destroy in the background while you download it, you’d get a sensation as though you’re on a mission to erase malware from the surface of your system – which, sort of, is precisely what you’d be doing; minus the melodrama of course.

4.Attaching Importance to Emails
Email attachments are possibly the biggest global source of spreading malware – something that hackers all over the world have mastered. There is no subtle way of saying this and so here it goes, Beware of Attachments! They are dangerous, very very dangerous and the worst of their kind can absolutely wreak havoc with your PC. Hackers make the spam laden email look like being from someone you know, hence you open it and voila! Your device is at the mercy of the hacker. So simply, do not ever open attachments that weren’t requested by you, even if they look like being from the people you are well acquainted with.

5. Use strong passwords
Using weak passwords is directly helping hackers to hack easily and faster into your computer system. Ifyou want to be safe from hacking, then use strong passwords with the combination of upper case , lower case letters and symbols. Avoid using your nick names, birth date, girl friends name :D and other which are easier to guess for hackers.