Saturday, March 30, 2013

[ How to ] save any webpage in PDF format for offline reading using Google Chrome ? [ No extensions, software needed ]

Google Chrome is now the most used browser in the world. It's features includes simplicity, user friendly and several other new and hidden features you might not know. When it come to reading blog pages for offline use, then people prefer using PDFs format as it is well known and easily read by many soft wares.

Rather than bookmarking the site people might want to save webpages in PDFs format for offline reading when there is no internet connection. For this purpose, there are many websites which allows user to convert any webpages in PDFs format. Although you can find several other online conversations websites and extensions to save webpages in PDFs format, you don't need to flood your browser with extensions until you have Google Chrome in your computer. It is a hassle free way to save any webpage in PDF format for offline reading using Google Chrome without any software or extension

Save webpage in PDFs format without extension

Open any webpage in Google Chrome which you want to save as PDFs format, Press Ctrl + P to open the print dialog. Click on the Save as PDF in the destinations option in the drop down menu. Then your web page will be changed into PDFs format instantly.

For using this method, you don't need to install any extension neither any software because Google Chrome can do it itself.

We can use this feature of Google Chrome even to change the local files of computer to change into PDFs format. We need to open the files, text, images in Google Chrome and do steps as directed above. We don't even need to have a PDFs converter to change other formats like doc, txt into PDFs format.

Now you can print your favorite tutorial in PDFs format without any hassle but more easier and faster.