Monday, April 15, 2013

How to convert 2D movies to 3D movies ? Free Download 2D to 3D Movie Converter Software

How to convert 2D movies to 3D movies ?

Movies are the great means of entertainment to everyone. Every years hundreds of movies are released on Hollywood, Bollywood  and various other film industries. Most of them are based on 2D technolgy. You might have heard or watched any 3D movie. If you had watched you can feel and say that  how the 3D movies are ?

3D is a new technology which is being widespread in the world in short time because it makes the movie or video attractive and more compelling than the 2D movies. 3D is basically process of modeling of a graphics with more than 3 vertex . For recording 3D movies, it requires special type of camera and various other equipment. For watching 3D movies, it requires a special 3D glasses

3D movies are trending now. And I am sure they are going to replace 2D movies soon. You just need to own a 3D glasses to watch the 3D movies. And till now you need to go to the theater or buy a TV set with 3D technology supported to watch them.

Recently, I got a chance to watch a 3D movie. I was amazed by that 3D movies and i wanted to watch my favorite movies in 2D converted into 3D to have a new experience. So, I got a solution for that. Let's follow this post to know more about that.

Software Needed :
1. DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter ( Download Link )

Time Needed :
10 Minutes

Difficulty :

Steps to convert 2D movies to 3D movies

1. Go to the download link given above
2. Choose your 2D movie
3. Click on convert

Your 2D movie is now successfully converted in to 3D. You can enjoy the film quality of 3D movie just by downloading or buying a 2D movie. And all you need to have is a special 3D glass to watch the movie. Generally, it may cost less than 1$.

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From the editorial disk :
I myself have applied this trick and enjoyed the advantages of 3D movies. Although you cannot have 3D experience in all scene of the movies, you can feel the great difference between the 2D and 3D movies.