Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to zoom photos on Facebook without clicking ? Facebook photo Magnifier

Facebook is the most popular social networking media of the world. Most of the people using internet are now using Facebook.  We recently posted a Facebook trick to update facebook status from different devices like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and various other phones and devices. Now, we are posting another trick to magnify or zoom pictures in Facebook without clicking them.

Everyday thousands of photos are being posted on Facebook. Facebook lets user to upload, organize, share and various other features. Sometime when we go scrolling down to our friend's profile/timeline, we see the small thumbnails of pictures and we need to click on those photos to have large size of them. It is quite irritating to open new tabs to view photos. Here we feel there must be feature to magnify photos without clicking them.

Viewing photos become more difficult when our friends upload whole albums of photos. Our browser becomes hanged after opening several tabs in browser. For this purpose there is a chrome extension named  Photo Zoom for Facebook

Photo Zoom for Facebook is an extension which enable zooming of photo without clicking them. After installing, you just need to point your cursor in the image. Then automatically larger version of photo appears without any hassle and you can view tens or hundreds of photos easily and faster. This extensions works on Facebook pages, groups,  timeline as well as Facebook wall.

Steps for zooming photos on Facebook without clicking them.

1. Install Chrome extension named Photo Zoom for Facebook
2. Go to Facebook and point your cursor to the image you want to view larger version without clicking.
facebook zoom photo

3. Then a small popup will arise with a larger version of the photo as in the picture above .

Advanced Setting of Photo Zoom for Facebook

photo zoom setting
As seen in the picture you can customize the photo zooming options as needed. You can change the percentage of zooming or select the pages to disable zooming and many more.