Monday, April 15, 2013

How to forward the emails from one gmail account to another automatically ?

howto automatically forward email from gmail

Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world. More than 425 million users are active on Gmail. Gmail has provided many unique features like Video calling, International Free Calls to its users. Gmail also has a nice spam blocking way. If you use Gmail, then you don't need to worry about spams. Spams are automatically recognized by Gmail and filled in the separate folder.

Few days back, some of my reader contacted me through your contact page and asked how do i forward an email on gmail. If you have any problem you can drop comment from your contact page. Gmail has a lot of features and i told him that Gmail has also provided options for its user to forward email from one gmail account to another automatically.Why you need to forward the emails from one email from one gmail account to another ?

1. I have made a new account and i am not going to use my old account again but i want to have my important emails forwarded to my new Gmail account.
2. I had made this account on hurry and i didn't like my Gmail account username and want to change but i need my emails forwarded to my new account.

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There might be various other reasons acting behind it. So, let's come to the point now. Here's the tutorial.

Steps to forward emails from one Gmail account to another automatically

1. Login to your old Gmail account
2. Go to the settings tab
3. Click on 'Forward and POP/IMAP tab.
4. Click on the ' Add a forwarding email address ' and enter your new Gmail account where you wish your old account's email need to be forwarded.
5. Click 'Next' button
6. Then Gmail sends a verification code to your new Gmail account . So, Login in to your new email account and enter the verification code you received.
7. Click on Save Changes
8. After the new Gmail account is verified you can customize the settings as per your needs.

View this tutorial on image :
forward emails from old gmail account to new

From the editorial desk :

It's a nice trick to forward email from one gmail account to another automatically. You can apply this trick on your account and automatically forward email from your old gmail account to new gmail account.
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