Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to convert Cell Phone camera as Web Camera for Video Calling ? Working for Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phones

cell phone to web cam

Mobile Phones cameras for Video Calling ? This might be your curiosity. If  you have been wandering to turn your cell phone camera into a working web camera for video calling. Follow this post.

Cell Phones commonly said Mobile Phones among us are a great way to communicate with friends and relatives. Nowadays, Mobile Phones with higher camera quality are being released. Along with these facts the cost of webcams are being increased or either are expensive already.

I think most of the computer user got Mobile Phone with nice camera and you must be wandering to use your camera of cell phone as web camera for video calling. In an online survey 70% percent of the internet users voted that they don't own Web Camera. So this post might be helpful for all of those who want to turn their Cell Phone Camera into a USB web camera.

With the introduction of Skype, Facebook Video Calling services and various other free video calling services, the need of Web Cam is increasing. But I am going to buy a new web cam for that purpose because I am going to use the Camera of my Cell Phone as Web Cam for Video calling .

Software Needed :
1. Mobiola Software ( Download Link )

Time Needed :
10 Minutes

Difficulty :

Steps to Turn your Cell Phone Camera into Web Cam

1. Go to the download link given above
2. Download software according to your Cell Phone
3. Mobiola Software has two parts and both of them need to be activated in order to use your cell phone    camera as web cam.
4. So install client part of Mobiola on your Cell Phone. It has .jar, .sis extensions according to your cell       phone.
5. Install Server part of the program  on your PC.
6. Run Mobiola on your computer
7. Connect your cell phone into computer and
8. Run Mobiola on your mobile phone

After authenticating you can enjoy your web cam for free. Now your brand new webcam :D can be used for making video conference, video calling in Skype, Facebook, andmany other free video call providers. If you are getting any problem in applying this trick, Do comment us