Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to view and watch incomplete or unfinished downloads in Internet Download Manager ? Find Temporary folder of Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager, in short IDM is the world's No.1 Downloading Software. IDM accelerates the download speed with super fast acceleration and works hard to give you access to the file you want as soon as possible. IDM is the only software which accelerates your download speed by 5X times than usual. You can even download YouTube videos at super high speed without any hassle. IDM increases the download connections upto 16 to download file from server part by part and after downloading all parts it combines all of them into one.

Although all of these features, sometimes due to the server problem or internet connection our downloads stops at 99 % or some less. It is quite irritating that although we spend several times in downloading the file, we cannot have it because of server problem or any other internet connection problem.

Internet Download Manager downloads files by utilizing several connection. It saves the current downloading files in temporary folder of Internet Download Manager. When the download is completed the IDM merges the files and present it to the user. So, our concerns is to find the temporary folder of Internet Download Manager where all the unfinished or incomplete download are kept.

How to view/watch incomplete/unfinished downloads of Internet Download Manager

1. Open IDM and go to Downloads menu in the navigation bar
2. Then you will see a windows with too many categories.
3. Select ' Save To' options among the category
4. Then you will see a field named temporary directory
5. Copy the address. It is usually like
tem folder of IDM

6. Paste it in the navigation bar of windows
7. After that you will see the files which you are currently downloading or the downloads which stopped after few downloading.

Note : This trick only works for media files like FLV, MP3. MP4, and other. You can watch incomplete downloads of movies and videos from the trick. Just select the folder of the download you want to play and click on play with your media software.

At last about this trick
Although using this trick, you cannot use the incomplete downloads of other files except the media files. It can be helpful when your movie download stucks at 90% or more.
Hope you liked this trick !!!