Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Increase Battery Lifes on Android Phones and Tablets ?

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Android devices have many facilities and flexibility compared to other smart phones. Android is a Linux based operating system for smartphones made by Google. Nowadays, the trend of using android device is increasing day by day. According to the statistics, more than 50 % of the smartphones users use Android OS. Through this data, we can easily find how many people are using Android.

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I used to have an outdated phone with quite low battery life. I used to charge my cell phone at least two times a day. While buying that cell phone, I searched everywhere for a cell phone with better battery backup and had bought that. But when my cell went on running the battery backup was decreasing constantly. I gave a try by changing the battery and even the phone software but with no hope. Then I grabbed a brand new   cell phone equipped with Android Os. It was a great experience for me to use Android Os equipped cell phone of reputed company  But the same problem began to trouble me. I used to spend too much of time on surfing internet. That might be one of the pushing factor to reduce battery life. After a lot of research and test I came up with several ideas to extend battery life on android. Let's have a look at them :

1. Live Wallpapers - Disable them !
Live Wallpapers ! Yes they are the nice way to make your screen of Android device look attractive and colorful. They look colorful and bright and they have darkside too. If you use Live wallpapers then the screen responds to your touch and different animations will appear according to the wallpapers which surely requires more battery power and ruins your battery fast. Most important thing, Live wallpapers will consume your battery even your device is locked. So, try to avoid them for better battery life.

2. Brightness - Check that !
Yes, You see right. The brightness of screen is also responsible for reducing the battery life of android. Just like wallpapers, brightness is also always on when your device is on. So it takes the battery life from your device. To overcome this effect, you can switch to manual brightness from automatic brightness. Generally, 30% brightness for indoors and 60 % brightness for outdoors is sufficient. As well as you can change brightness according to your will in manual mode.

3. Synchronizing - Stop it !
You might have enabled synchronization options in your android device. It is essential too. If you have synchronized your android device with your account of famous email provider or social networking sites then you can have instant notification on your device about the update in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. But It consumes a lot of battery power, So try to avoid synchronize when not needed you can do that when you got abundant battery power.

4. Netwoks Connection - Control them !
Suppose you got into some remote area where the signals of your service provider for 3G is low, then there is much pressurre on battert to grab the signals. So, try to stick on GPRS or Edge when there is low signal. Also disable WiFi connection, GPS, and other networking features to increase your battery life.

5. Unnecessary Widgets - Remove them !
As like as wallpapers, Home Screen widgets also consumes more battery power that ruins your battery power. So try to add only necessary widgets on home screen and remove the unnecessary widgets to save your battery and for better battery backup.

6. Automatic Task Killer App - Use it !
You might know that several applications in android runs on background causing high loss to your battery life. Although you exit applications, some of them are constantly running on background which kills battery. So, use a app named Automatic Task Killer which will disable all apps running on background.

7. JuiceDefender App - Grab it !
This is a good battery management software which automatically manages your applications running on background. This app helps in optimizing battery life by reducing brightness, wireless connectivity, and many more. This app will only allow the necessary applications to run in background.

From the editorial desk :
Tried this tips, After applying these tips you can surely feel the experience of better battery backup and improve your battery life. You can also grab a additional battery if you use your cell phone for long period of time. Hope these few listed tips can help you to improve your battery life or you any other tips, trick or tweaks ? Share that to us !!