Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to recover deleted messages from Nokia Symbian Device ? Nokia Message Recover Trick

message recover symbian

Short Messaging System ( SMS ) are nice way to share our joys and sorrows with our friends. Maybe billions of SMS are being sent now worldwide. Oops ! it is very big amount. Are they all stored ? Yes, maybe. But, sometime we encounter the situation when our messages are accidentally or intentionally deleted.

Cell Phones are nice way to communicate and SMS flourish it too. Nowadays, even trend of using cell phone is increasing day by day. So, many of the people might have faced the problem of message deleting. When the SMS with some important informations are deleted, you may thought that there is no way to recover it. But there is a convenient and easy way to recover deleted messages from cell phones.
This post is going to explain you about how to recover deleted messages in your Nokia Symbian Device. Let's started. For recovering deleted messages you need :

Recovery Software
1. FExplorer Software ( Download )

Time Needed:
5 Minutes

Difficulty :

Steps to recover deleted messages from Nokia Symbian Cell Phones

1. Download and install FExplorer for Symbian
2. Launch FExplorer and navigate to 
    C: drive ( if you use cell phones internal memory to store message it's default setting )
    D: drive ( if you use memory card to store message)
3. According to your drive, Open folder named System
4. Open mail folder and search for folders similar to 0010001_s and with similar files names like 0010001
5. Those files are your deleted messages. Browse through the folder and read the files with inbuilt text reader        of FExplorer.
6. Open all the folders and files until you get the required message

Disadvantages of this trick
Although this works for most of the Nokia Symbian Cell Phones. This trick is not working for Symbian 3rd edition cell phones like N73 and other. Recover your deleted messages and tell how much time it took. If any difficulty, please comment.