Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How To : Easy way to root your any android phone and tablet #RootAndroid

Android is the world's most widely used OS in the smartphones. If we look at the different types of smartphones, we will find that more than 50% of the smartphones consists of Android OS. Android is a operating system developed by Google primarily for the touchscreen based smartphones and tablets.
Although there are many features and flexibility in the Android OS, there are still many of the features that need to be used by the Android users. Let's come to the point now.

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Rooting of android refers to the process of grabbing the additional permissions from the Android Operating System to the deepest level. After rooting, you can get access to the more applications, customize or modify your device to the deepest level and also avoid any restrictions made by the carrier or the manufacture of the Android Phone.Rooting Android Phones and Tablets

 Reasons for NOT Rooting Android Phones and Tablets
Rooting of Android device gives you access to the various hidden and restricted functions and feature of Android device. But it has some disadvantages too. There are some of them :

1. Warranty  :  Some of the manufacture of Android devices uses rooting of Android devices as violation of their terms and conditions in order to restrict you from Warranty. To overcome this problem, you can flash your original Android OS if you need to take it to the service center.

2. Security  :  Depending upon the services you use of your Android device, rooting may causes security vulnerabilities. You need to careful while installing new applications.

So, What ? Should I root my Android device ? If you are interested please follow the post.

Software Needed :
1. Unlock Root  ( Download Link )

Time Needed :
10 Minutes

Difficulty :

Steps to root your Android Phone or Tablet

1. Choose Unlock Root software according to your Android device and Download Unlock Root Software from the above given download link.
2. Install the software in your computer
3. Turn the USB Debugging mode on your Android device ( Usually the path for the setting is like Settings > Applications > Development > Check the mark box)
4. Connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer
5. Run the Unlock Root software and continue as guided in the software.
6. Done ! Enjoy

Note : You need to install device driver of your Android device in your PC before rooting your phone or tablet.

It is always nice to take backup of everything before you began changing or modifying. It is very important to  take backups and test it before rooting. Make sure that you are able to restore the things in right manner if any future error happens.

From the editorial desk :
Although i don't recommend rooting of Android device as it seems an new process for all and i haven't tried it yet. I am going to learn it soon and is experimenting in some of my other devices where this tutorial worked fine. I would be talking about the advantages of rooting of Android devices in my upcoming post.

Have you tried rooting your Android device ? How was your device performance ? Is it worthy enough to root your Android device ? Please share your thoughts in comments.