Thursday, April 25, 2013

Download YouTube Videos from Android without Apps

YouTube Videos download from android

Android devices are increasing day by day. Nowadays, people prefer Android to iOs while buying a smartphone. Android has a lot of flexibility than any other smartphones Os. If you still want to gain root access to your device, you can try rooting android.  Before rooting,you can see the reasons for rooting your android device.

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing site. It was established in 2004 A.D. by the former PayPal employees which was bought after 1.5 years by Google. You can know about the complete history of Youtube in Infographics from here. YouTube allows its users to upload, share, comment and a lots of more about videos. You can even earn money through your video by adding adsense to it.

Watching videos on android phones is awesome because many of the android phones comes with 3G which enables it users to enjoy the high speed internet if you are located in 3G area. You can get too many applications on internet which allows you to download videos from your android phone. But is there any other reliable method through which you can download YouTube videos without any hassle ?

YouTube provides official applications to watch videos from the android device. Although you can watch your favorite movies, tv shows, documentary, films in YouTube for free, YouTube doesn't allows you to download videos directly. Today, I was enjoying some videos on android phone and wanted to download videos to share it to my friends. But, I had already discovered that YouTube doesn't provide any way to download videos officially. So, I tried some of the android applications from Google Play like Tube Mate and other but most of them have problems. Therefore, Today I am going to share you a easiest way to download youtube videos from android

Software Needed :
1. Opera Mini ( Download Link )

Time Needed :
Depends upon your videos

Difficulty :

You might already have Opera Mobile or Opera Mini application in your android device because most of the smart phones developer adds Opera Mobile to the phones. If not you can download from Google Play.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos from Android without Apps

1. Go to and browse through your favorite videos, movies, films, documentary etc.

2. Now you can see the link of your YouTube video on the address bar like :

3. After that, add 'ss' between http://www."ss" ( without any symbols)

So, your new url will look like http://www.(ss)

4. Open that link and you will be redirected to website which will show you options to download in any suitable video format you want. As you can see in the pictures, this site is allowing you to have more than 8 types depending upon the quality of the video.
YouTube Video Download from Android

5. Click on that format you want, and your download will start automatically as it provides direct links to download your videos.

From the editorial desk :
By using this short trick, it is more convenient to download videos than using any other applications. You don't need to flood your android phone just for downloading YouTube videos. You can do it just from your normal web browser.How's your experience using this trick ? Or got any other helpful trick ? Please do comment !