Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Reasons to Root your Android phone and tablet

Rooting ? Do I need to root my Android phone or tablet ? This is the question which is surely gonna put in confusion. Few days later, I talked about rooting android device if you have not checked that post yet please proceed to that post.

Rooting: What is it ?
Rooting refers to the process of gaining root access to your android device. It is generally done to avoid the limitations that are placed by the carriers and hardware manufactures which results in slow performance and very less user functions. By the process of rooting, you can have the complete removal and replacement of the current OS you have in your device with any version of OS you want. If you have used Linux or any other open source program then you might have feel the upgraded performance and various other features. Rooting lets you to be master of your device and you can customize your device at the deepest level.

Despite being a open source OS Android doesn't let you to have complete control over your phone. If you don't wanna go through this article. Then directly head towards the tutorial for rooting android device.

After a lot of experience between rooted and unrooted android devices, today i am going to take you towards the some of the features experienced and enjoyed by me after rooting my android device.Here are the top 7 reasons for rooting your android device.

1. Maximize Battery Life
There are many customs ROMs which are especially designed to increase battery life by optimizing all the features of OS. You can find many software designed for rooted device to increase battery life by providing automatic management of data connections, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CPU speed and many more. A app named SuperPower gives you better controls options to your data connections, sleep stage, charging state, Bluetooth to save your battery power.
(Note : SuperPower is still in beta stage, so use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything. )

2. Upgrade your Android version
Are you still waiting for upgrade notice for your android device running Froyo version where there are 3 or more upgrades available for you ? You better can ask other for patience , but why you need to have patience if you can have latest version of Android OS after a short process of rooting ? Now you don't need to depend on the carrier or hardware manufacture for having latest Android version. You can have upgrade whenever you want.

3. Boost Performance
Rooting of your android device allows you to gain super performance through kernal tweaks ( the software that enables the OS to talk to the hardware) performed by some of the apps designed for rooted devices. There are many customization and tweaks made by the carrier or hardware manufactures which don't let you to have complete performance of your hardware. You can utilize your hardware up to the deepest level and boost your performance.

4. Hardware/Software Interaction
Most of the hardware ruining Android are capable of doing many sorts of facilities and are heavily capable of doing greater than you are experiencing as the Android OS doesn't let the hardware to be utilized up to the maximum level. For example : Some of the Android devices like HTC Desire have LED camera but Android OS cannot let you to use LED as flashlight until you root your android device. Rooting allows to pass several other limitations. Isn't it great ?

5. Free Wi-Fi HotSpot
You might not be aware of the fact that your android device can function as Wi-Fi Hotspot maker. It allows your other devices like laptops, tablets connect with internet through your cell phone's plan. Surely for that you need a flat rate or unlimited plan. After that just download a application named Wireless Tether and start making your own Wi-Fi Hotspot and allows other to connect to internet.

6. Better Backups
There are many apps for back up your Android data but they don't go up to the deepest level. They can help you to have back up for contacts, calendars,pictures, music only but after rooting you can grab a application called Titanium Backup which will let you to backup every sorts of data in your phone. Suppose you are doing great games like Temple Run but you need to reset your phone. No matter now because after rooting you can grab that app backup the data and come back with the same places and coins that you were on Temple Run.

7. Apps 2 SD
It might be one of the most hated among the different limitations of the Android Os. Android OS doesnot let users to install application on SD card and all the applications installed are placed on internal memory of the phone. This limitation can be most annoying when you have a Android phone with low internal memory which directly limits the number of applications which you can install in your device. Once you root your Android device you can store all your installed applications on SD card.

From the editorial desk :
There are many thoughts about the different types of technology users. Typically two types, one who uses the technology with out any complaints and questions whereas another type which people go deep in the system to have maximum utilization of technology. Now its in your hand to find out which type of person you want to be. About disadvantages of rooting we have talked on previous posts, you can check them can try rooting at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything.