Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to create partitions in Windows OS without formatting and re-installing new OS ?

create partitions without formatting and re-installing

Hard Drives can be defined as the storage media with high capacity, equipped with read write mechanism. They are the great useful device to store your data and files. Nowadays, the size of hard drives are being increasing day by day. You can generally grab hard drives of more than 1 TB from your nearest market. Hard drive were first introduced by IBM in 1956 and still they are dominant to other types of storage medias. Due to the recent developed of portable hard drive,the use of hard drive is increasing day by day.

When you go to your nearest market and buy a brand new hard disk drive, then you will notice that it will be only one partition. Surely, you need more partitions on your hard drive because it lets you to classify your hard drive according to your data types. You can create as much as partitions on your hard drive and place your data according to it. For example : You can create a partitions on your hard drive named Software and place all your important software there.

There might be many other reasons for creating several partitions in your hard drive. When your operating system crashes or you want to get updated with latest OS updates , you generally need to format your hard drive. Like wise, if you have only one partition in your hard drive, when you got attacked by virus then all your data will be lost.  Hence, to secure your data you need more partitions. You can place your data safe in other partitions if your operating system crashes or virus attacks your device.

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Steps to create partitions in Windows OS without formatting and re-installing new OS ?

1. Before starting this process, backup your data because backup is always essential and you can restore everything if any wrong occurs.

2. Depending upon your operating system, go to Computer or My Computer

3. Right click and click on manage and you will be refereed towards the Computer Management Screen. You will see different navigation options including Disk Management.

4. Select Disk Management menu

easiest way to  create partitions in windows
5. To create new partition, select any of your existing partition with free space enough to make another partition

6. Right click on that partition and click on Shrink
new partition in windows

7. Now, type the space amount you want to shrink by. The size of the partition can vary according to your need and will.

8. You can even extend the size of your old partition through the unused space in your hard drive. Just click on extend volume from the menu and enter the size of the partition you want to be.

From the editorial desk :
This trick will work on different windows Os like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8. After creating more partitions, it will be easier to protect your data from loss during virus attack or Os crash problem. You can even create partitions in your hard disk to run more than one operating system in same computer. How was the process ? Simple ? Or You know any other methods to create new partitions in Windows Os without formatting and re-installing new OS ? Please share with us !
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